Monday, February 07, 2022

CBDA & CBGA could block Covid-19

 Watch Video for Educational Purposes only - Not a Medical Claim

TV News Station KNDO23 gives a fantastic demonstration showing what a recent scientific study said how CBDA and CBGA, could block Covid-19 from entering human cells.

Notice this study is NOT on CBD, THC, Pot, or any other cannabinoid. 

Why would anyone just buy CBD?

In the study, different extracts from natural products were tested to see if any of the compounds in them stuck to the spike proteins on the covid-19 virus. This is similar to how antibodies work. Spike proteins would be represented by the little spikes we see in models of the virus. 

The compounds CBDA and CBGA stuck to the spike proteins. This was also tested with the live virus and has so far been shown to be successful. 


Some companies might claim they are selling CBDa, but since CBDa is not a stable molecule, it changes into CBD when processed, exposed to air or light. When you ingest it, your body's acidity turns it into CBD before it gets into the body. Likewise, only 5% of the oil is absorbed. CTFO's 10x Pure Supercharged, super oxygenated delivery Oil, Covalently bonds to the CBDa and CBGa, stabilizing it and making it hydrophilic and absorbing deep into the body at nearly 100% percent absorbed.

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