Friday, May 08, 2020

New Baby Gift Ideal

What do you give that special couple for the birth of their new baby? It's special time and you want to celebrate as well as recognize their wonderful gift of new life and family addition.

Here is a new baby gift ideal that can be felt way longer than the much needed supply of diapers and onesies, bibs, or cash.

It's a new baby gift that will start their life off in the practice of wealth accumulation. I suggest giving the gift of gold. Specifically 1g of 999.9  of the finest 24kt quality gold.

  • it is sourced from LMBA accredited refineries
  • imprinted with unique DNA for counterfeit protection
This Gold bar is inset into the Karatbars frame, which is of:

  • standard credit-card size
  • covered by a safety laminate
  • provided with a black-light authenticity signature on the front
You can create your individual Gold Card with your own picture for you family or create "Branding Cards" for you company.

Our designers will help you with it!
I will personally help you with your New Baby Gift!
Go and register your free customer account to get started designing. 

Watch the promotional video here:

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