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Karatbars Newsletter 8-7-17

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Dear readers, this newsletter is the first one after our announcement of a new, more user-friendly design.
As it may happen during technological changes, minor problems are possible, such as linking glitches.
For sure we will quickly fix them.
Anyway, you should always check the latest news in your back office.
As if there had been no newsletter at all.

A message from our CEO
Our wonderful CEO Harald Seiz recorded an even more wonderful video for all of us that delivers a heartfelt message. Please make sure to browse by our YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/eo1YBbJQI8I

 Message from CEO

Changes on Karatbars.com
We have changed our website and are just getting started so please do not be surprised if you see more changes in the next few weeks (Please see the message 'Important news from the Headquarter' in englisch, date 2017-07-26 in your back office, latest news.)

Call to Action – Broadcast with the CEO
Our CEO Harald Seiz will start holding a call every six weeks from now... For the field and with the field. (Please see the message 'Important news from the Headquarter' in englisch, date 2017-07-26 in your back office, latest news.)

Hot Summer from August 1st 2017 to September 30th 2017!
VIP und Gold Packages come with Bonus Gifts!
Additional information!
During the promotion, a Cashgold First Selection will be added to VIP and Gold Packages!
And a Bronze Package is additionally included as a bonus to the VIP Package. You know that much already.

But a very important information has been a little vague - that promotional offer applies to initial purchases only and upgrades are excluded.
Now it's clear and official.

Take your chance now - as long as the summer is still hot. It only lasts until September 30th, 2017.

Senator Harald Seiz - A title of honor and its background.

Our CEO Harald Seiz was appointed Senator of Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (German abbreviation: BWA) in 2016 and became a permanent member of the advisory board of the organization.
But what interests and goals does this organization pursue?

The BWA Federal Association was founded in 2003. It is organized in regional international economic clubs throughout Germany and has offices in more than 70 countries around the world.

The members are united by the conviction that politics and economy are based on the commitment of every single individual. In the BWA, experts and management of economy, scientific and public life face up to a collective responsibility: Beyond all particularistic interests they step in for an eco-social market economy that creates sustainable growth for everybody and helps to maintain the world for the generations to come.

Economy means all of us! For the purpose of this motto the BWA attempts to strengthen motivation, commitment and the sense of responsibility in our society.

Well-known personalities from economy, science and culture as well as representatives of politics and diplomacy form the Federal Senate of the BWA. The membership is exclusive. It is open only to enterprises of country wide importance and is limited in principle to one member of each branch of trade.

Conditions of an appointment are a remarkable success and a model function in the respective field of activity as well as the advocacy of the common goals of the association.
You cannot apply for senator actively. Or make a generous donation.
No, you are honored as a senator because you have distinguished yourself from others with special ideas and achievements.

Okay, understood. Now it is perfectly clear why our CEO has come to this honor.
Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

For more information about the BWA 


First Karatbars Global Leader Headquarters Day at Stuttgart, Germany on June 18th 2017

You can now find a video in our Youtube channel, showing some of the most beautiful moments of that important and intense day. 


Harald Seiz - The Future of Money: How Gold will Revolutionize our Method of Payments

The English edition of the new book from our CEO will be released on Amazon August 14th!
Preorder right now under: https://www.amazon.de/Future-Money-Revolutionize-Method-Payments/dp/3959720823
The German version is already available and highly recommendable.

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