Thursday, January 26, 2017

Call In to Strengthen, Focus, and Fuel Your Personal Growth

You're Very Powerful Alone and You're Unstoppable With The Right Mastermind.

It's been proven that successful people make it a priority to listen to something uplifting, positive, motivating, and educational. This especially true when attached to attaining a goal in a specific area of interest like personal development. 

Getting yourself around people that have done what you want and learning from their experiences only increases your chances of success in what you want to attain. Learn their thinking processes, actions they take, and what did or does not work.

There is always the chance you do not know exactly what you want because you do not know what exists by design of others or you were never exposed to certain knowledge. Bottom line: there are others that care and show up consistently to help you...Specifically...People that are focused on building wealth and living life on their chosen terms not dictated by others or their situation.

For the purpose of this announcement, those people are the people of WealthBuildersWorldwide.

For you to learn, become informed, get motivated, stay motivated, and grow personally as well as financially... they have what they titled the Power Call.

Call In to Strengthen, Focus, and Fuel Your Personal Growth

Details: The Power Call

When: Monday - Saturday
Time: 10:45am Eastern Time
Phone:  1 - 712 - 432 - 0900  use pin  796827#
24hr Replay Phone:   1 - 712 - 432 - 0990 pin  796827# 

Alternative Options:
(For those who have phone carriers that are charging to call the main numbers)
Phone:  1 - 857 - 957 - 1145 then enter the main Power Call Number 
1 - 712 - 732 - 0900 pin 796827#   or 1 - 774 - 220 - 4000  pin 796827#

For International business partners, you can join the Live Call via Flash Phone.

Plug in and Grow.

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